Knuckle Boom Cranes

Wide set of cranes from 3,5 to 160 txm with newly updated versions in the low range where we currently have the most modern selection of cranes on the market thanks to models 35, 42, 60 (the latter one has a very low tare weight and width from 1,9 to 2,0 m, according to the versions, and therefore is especially suitable for the vehicles with small cabs and 6,5 - 7,5 t GVW ) and in the medium-high range with the launching of new model _200, which is widening the "Essential" range up to 8 models.
The medium-high range has been updated introducing models 510, 530, 630 and 650 which are now available in two versions, 6J4+6J6 and 8J4.
High range: final completion of model 1600, which is now available in all the jib versions, reaching up to 40 m height in the .9J7 version.