Marine cranes

Marine cranes

The COPMA Marine cranes range stands out for its high reliability as well as for the accurate tests and inspections they undergo before delivery to customers.
The selection includes models from 2,4 to 160 txm, with both simple or double racks system (on demand) or with the slewing bearing system (Mod. 280BM, 300M, 340M, 360M, 530M, 760M, 800AM, 870M, 1100SCM and 1600M).

Protective treatments and painting
- Sa 2.5 sandblasting of all structural metal work components;
- NIKROM 350 treatment of the rods of main and secondary cylinder;
- Double crossed chroming of extension cylinders with double crossed heavy chrome-plating 15-17 mm thick, with 800-1000 HV surface hard chrome;
- Special bronze bushing for marine use;
- Steel piloted valves;
- Screws and bolts in A4 stainless steel for diam. < 10 mm;
- Grease nipples in 316 stainless steel;
- Primer in 40 my zinc;
- Special epox painting made of 2 layers 125 and 60 my thick;
- Final painting RAL 5012 on the whole crane.

Models up to 230 are supplied with longer hoses (1,5-2 m, on demand); the control valve is located on a housing control support to be installed on the boat.
Models with slewing bearing system are equipped with a rotating column in-built control seat, combined with an integrated control valve.

All the cranes are equipped with hydraulic load limiting device, double crossed rotation valve (when provided with slewing cylinders rack system) or brake valve (when provided with gear motors). Cylinders are protected by pilot-operated safety valves, hydraulic emergency stop button, pressure gauge showing the working pressure.

Certificates on demand
COPMA marine cranes are designed according to DIN 15018 Standards, Group H1B3, equivalent to BS 2573 and can also be provided with Certificates RINA, DNV , TUEV or BS, on demand.

On this purpose you have to detail:
Type of required Certificate – Required load to be lifted – Dynamic factor – Name of boat – Shipper – Flag – Design temperatures – Kind of use (on board or offshore).

Accessories on demand
- Winches;
- Electro-hydraulics control units with or without control panel;
- Marine type special radio remote controls;
- Manual extensions;
- Jibs (jointed arms);
- Controls seat (if not provided as std. equipment);
- Counterbase to install on the boat.